Green Roof/Solar/Plaza Decks

Green Roofing

Green roofing is a system of soil and vegetation placed directly over a low slope roofing membrane.  Lightweight green roof systems are an aesthetically pleasing way to extend the life of your roof membrane, and also provide many “green” benefits, including absorbing rainwater, providing sound insulation, and reducing the impact of the “Urban Heat Island Effect.”

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Solar Roofing

Solar energy has long been valued as the cleanest, most abundant energy source available.  Continuing advancements in harnessing this technology are now providing a return on investment for solar systems, in addition to its longtime environmental popularity.

At Midland Engineering, we’re partnering with some of the leading companies in the solar industry to incorporate these new technologies into rooftop systems which will provide both environmental and economic benefits for our customers.  We’re experienced installing the latest solar-ready racking systems, photovoltaic thin films and crystalline panels, and are committed to continually evaluating developing technologies in the future.

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Plaza Decks

Plaza decks are outside public areas of buildings, located at or above grade level.  Constructed utilizing carefully selected waterproofing systems to protect the structure and property beneath them from moisture, decks are typically covered by porcelain or concrete pavers.

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Midland has an extensive Educational Roofing Portfolio. Each of our educational roofing projects encompasses one of a variety of roofing systems we specialize in. We have worked with a number of educational institutions ranging from grade schools and high schools to major colleges and universities, so once again our experience and credentials are vast. The fact is, our educational roofing capabilities are unequaled when it comes to producing a quality roof. From Indiana to Illinois… and all across the Midwest, Midland is dedicated to providing quality roofing to America’s Educational Institutions.

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Midland Engineering has provided commercial roofing installation services since 1922. Throughout that time many high-profile companies have chosen Midland to handle their specialized roofing projects in cities all throughout North America.

Our proven track record in managing commercial roofing projects (with a focus to detail) is part of a long history that we are very proud of. That history, combined with our outstanding reputation, has aided us to grow and retain customers while earning us numerous safety awards along the way. This unique approach in our style and expertise is used to support all of Our Customers regardless of what their commercial roofing projects might be.

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