Fall Protection

Compliance is Smart Business

OSHA standards require that employers or facility owners provide guardrail, safety net, or personal fall protection systems for every employee who walks or works on any surface with an unprotected edge that is 4 feet or more above a lower level.  Violators are subject to heavy fines, and in the case of worker injury or death, the resulting legal liability.

At Midland Engineering, we’ve leveraged our eight decades of experience in the roofing industry to offer building owners and architects with concept to completion, application-specific, rooftop compliance solutions for both new construction and retrofit rooftop projects.  Partnering with Rooftop Anchor, an industry-leading manufacturer of rooftop safety systems, we have the capability to provide custom solutions that comply with current OSHA and ANSI regulations for all types of fall protection. 

Suspended Access

Our suspended access fall protection is engineered to give window washers and building facade maintenance workers safe access to the sides of buildings.  They are fall arrest systems that typically include a davit arm supporting a platform or bosun chair.

Passive Fall Protection

Passive fall protection is designed to protect anyone working at height, including rooftop workers, construction workers, or maintenance crews. Guardrails meet all of OSHA’s requirements for safety at height, with no training or special equipment required.

Rooftop Access

Our rooftop access fall protection systems are designed to protect facility engineers, HVAC technicians, or any maintenance crews that need rooftop access.  These systems typically utilize a harness, lanyard, and an engineered anchorage to provide travel restraint, protecting workers from falls over the edge or through openings on a roof.

Installing a fall protection system for your building that is designed, installed, tested, and certified to meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and ASME standards is the best way to protect your employees and safeguard your business.  Schedule a consultation with your Midland Fall Protection Specialist today!


Midland has an extensive Educational Roofing Portfolio. Each of our educational roofing projects encompasses one of a variety of roofing systems we specialize in. We have worked with a number of educational institutions ranging from grade schools and high schools to major colleges and universities, so once again our experience and credentials are vast. The fact is, our educational roofing capabilities are unequaled when it comes to producing a quality roof. From Indiana to Illinois… and all across the Midwest, Midland is dedicated to providing quality roofing to America’s Educational Institutions.

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