At Midland “Safety is Our Priority” and we take great pride in our ongoing efforts as well as our safety record. By ensuring our safety program is the best it can be, we protect not only our employees but our customers as well. There is nothing more significant in the construction world as a comprehensive safety program; and at Midland that is exactly what we incorporate into our mission and approach.

We don’t believe that we should merely meet safety standards in the roofing industry; we believe we should do everything in our power to exceed them, including OSHA regulations. Our mission when it comes to safety is to provide the safest and best maintained equipment, to review job sites for potential hazards and/or safety concerns; and to provide the very safest work environment possible for our employees and customers.

One characteristic that makes Midland stand out is our ongoing employee safety training. This provides us an opportunity to review, analyze and discuss safety concerns from various aspects and vantage points. Of course it also gives us an opportunity to prevent possible accidents or hazards from taking place. While there is always the possibility for various types of exposure (even walking to your bathroom) Midland makes Safety a Priority!


A company’s EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is significant and has a substantial impact upon a business. The EMR is a calculation used by insurance companies to gauge both previous expenditures due to injuries as well as projected chances of safety issues or risks. Basically, the lower a company’s EMR, the lower their worker’s compensation insurance premiums.

Part of what we do at Midland to help maintain a very low EMR is to educate our employees so that they can be part of the solution. We train our team about potential risks and accident prevention. Together we look for ways to ensure those risks are minimized. This is the foundation for Midland having one of the very lowest EMRs in the entire commercial roofing industry (an exceptionally low .67). Combine this with our commitment to a Drug Free Work Environment and you have an exceptional Safety Program.

We work hand in hand with our team, our Customers and safety and regulation professionals to constantly eliminate and/or minimize accidents and risks.


OSHA standards require that employers or facility owners provide guardrail, safety net, or personal fall protection systems for every employee who walks or works on any surface with an unprotected edge that is 4 feet or more above a lower level. At Midland, our expertise in fall protection exceeds that of the typical roofing contractor. Our partnership with Rooftop Anchor, an industry-leading manufacturer of rooftop safety systems, has not only allowed us to provide our customers with solutions for their buildings that comply with current OSHA and ANSI regulations, but has helped us to provide safer job sites for our employees.



This challenging project was delivered to Midland for many reasons including our impressive safety record: A 9 ½ slope 300 foot high. This project was considered extremely difficult and dangerous. All materials and tools were to be secured at all times. In the end the job was completed without incident and another satisfied Midland Customer was added to our Portfolio


This high security/high safety project would be a challenge for any organization. As with any nuclear facility the Midland staff was subjected to background checks and drug testing as well as all of the other safety and security measures you might suspect in a project of this nature. As always Midland came through for the Customer… just as we committed.


The NNSA- National Nuclear Security Administration recently recognized Midland Engineering for their safety and security record and commitment. This recognition now allows Midland Engineering to execute work for the NNSA on a national basis. Only a handful of contractors nationally are recognized at this level.