Slate & Tile Roofing

It emits an aura of superb craftsmanship. The beauty and durability of slate and tile have contributed to its reputation as being the world’s premiere roofing materials. The installation, maintenance and restoration of slate and tile roofing require the skill of master craftsmen with the experience to do the job and do it right. At Midland Engineering these characteristics have been our hallmark since 1922.

Midland is recognized as one of the country’s leading roofing firms. Our crews, made up of trained master roofers, supported by talented technicians, have a reputation for excellence in slate and tile. Their contributions on projects ranging from churches, historical structures, government buildings and educational buildings are impeccable.

We are known for our expertise in performing every phase of slate and tile restoration, including the installation of gutters, snow guards, valleys and saddle flashings. Our crews perform all necessary carpentry, painting, masonry, re-pointing and of course sheet metal work. We also have the in-house capabilities to repair and install sheet metal ornamental molding, as well as all copper and lead applications.

At Midland it is simply what we do.


Midland Engineering has utilized a number of roofing systems over the years to support the roofing requirements of our religious and spiritual customers. Community churches, cathedrals and various religious organizations benefit from our years of architectural experience in this arena. One example is our roof restoration on the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, AL. This is yet another project where Midland received recognition for outstanding workmanship in steep slope roofing.

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Midland Engineering has developed substantial recognition for having installed and developed many government roofing systems throughout the United States. From federal courthouses to state or city buildings and courthouses, Midland’s Government Roofing Portfolio offers examples of the types of projects and municipalities we’ve performed work for. Our management team has an in-depth understanding of the bidding and contract management process for government funded projects. We are quite proud to showcase a sprinkling of the many government roofing projects and community facilities we have completed over the years.

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Midland Engineering has provided commercial roofing installation services since 1922. Throughout that time many high-profile companies have chosen Midland to handle their specialized roofing projects in cities all throughout North America.

Our proven track record in managing commercial roofing projects (with a focus to detail) is part of a long history that we are very proud of. That history, combined with our outstanding reputation, has aided us to grow and retain customers while earning us numerous safety awards along the way. This unique approach in our style and expertise is used to support all of Our Customers regardless of what their commercial roofing projects might be.

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Residential slate and tile roofing systems have been admired for centuries for their timeless beauty, unrivaled durability, and long service life.  Repair and replacement of these systems, however, is fast becoming a lost art due to the shrinking pool of highly-skilled master craftsmen specifically trained to provide high-quality, long lasting results.

At Midland Engineering, we’ve specialized in slate and tile installation and restoration for nearly 100 years, training generations of slate and tile specialists to support our commercial work on religious, educational, governmental and historical projects of distinction throughout the Midwest and beyond.

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Midland has an extensive Educational Roofing Portfolio. Each of our educational roofing projects encompasses one of a variety of roofing systems we specializes in. We have worked with a number of educational institutions ranging from grade schools and high schools to major colleges and universities, so once again our experience and credentials are vast. The fact is, our educational roofing capabilities are unequaled when it comes to producing a quality roof. From Indiana to Illinois… and all across the Midwest, Midland is dedicated to providing quality roofing to America’s Educational Institutions.

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