Sheet Metal Roofing


Popular among building owners, facility managers and architects alike is Sheet Metal Roofing. Sheet Metal fabrication/installation has become the fastest-growing segment of the non-residential roofing market over the last several years and Midland is known for their expertise in this arena of the roofing industry. We offer a wide range of sheet metal materials to support our industrial, institutional and commercial roofing Customers in their given markets ensuring a system to meet virtually any roof design or application. With longevity being a hallmark of sheet metal roofing, having a properly installed sheet metal roof delivers you years of virtually worry-free service. If you are in search of a roofing system that combines exceptional value with striking architectural aesthetics take a look at some of the samples of sheet metal roofing systems in the project portfolio section of our website.

Whether you are in the market for sheet metal roofinglow slope roofingcustom architectural metal fabrication, or slate and tile roofing, for your next commercial roofing project, Midland’s roofing service has you covered.

Handcrafted materials like copper, lead-coated copper or Terne-coated stainless steel all offer natural beauty which deepens with age, while pre-engineered sheet metal roofing systems combine a nearly limitless range of colors and panel profiles and furthermore offer fast, cost-effective installation. These features make pre-engineered sheet metal roofing systems ideal for retrofit applications as well as for new construction.

Since longevity is a hallmark staple of sheet metal roofs with life-spans of 50 years or more among both pre-engineered and handcrafted systems, let Midland properly install your sheet metal roofing system. Proper installation by an experienced and competent roofing contractor is essential to the success and long-term cost-effectiveness of any sheet metal roofing systems. When done right, your roof’s maintenance is typically limited to controlling access to the sheet metal roof and keeping your roof drains clean.

When it comes to sheet metal roof installations, Midland has the experience and the craftsmanship to do the job right. Whether the project involves the installation of intricately handcrafted materials or a made-to-order, pre-engineered sheet metal roofing systems, Midland’s team of trained professionals take special pride in their workmanship. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is notably evident in the repair and installation of sheet metal ornamental molding as well as in challenging copper and stainless steel applications. Midland’s in-house capabilities are atypical in the roofing industry. Even more than the quality of the materials being applied, our dedication to superb workmanship is the building owner’s guarantee that an investment in a sheet metal roofing system today will pay dividends tomorrow and far into the future.


Midland Engineering has provided commercial roofing installation services since 1922. Throughout that time many high-profile companies have chosen Midland to handle their specialized roofing projects in cities all throughout North America.

Our proven track record in managing commercial roofing projects (with a focus to detail) is part of a long history that we are very proud of. That history, combined with our outstanding reputation, has aided us to grow and retain customers while earning us numerous safety awards along the way. This unique approach in our style and expertise is used to support all of Our Customers regardless of what their commercial roofing projects might be.

For a look at some of our historical work select any project from the portfolio below:


Midland Engineering has developed substantial recognition for having installed and developed many government roofing systems throughout the United States. From federal courthouses to state or city buildings and courthouses, Midland’s Government Roofing Portfolio offers examples of the types of projects and municipalities we’ve performed work for. Our management team has an in-depth understanding of the bidding and contract management process for government funded projects. We are quite proud to showcase a sprinkling of the many government roofing projects and community facilities we have completed over the years.

To view some of our Governmental Roofing Projects select from the galleries below:


Midland Engineering has utilized a number of roofing systems over the years to support the roofing requirements of our religious and spiritual Customers. Community churches, cathedrals and various religious organizations benefit from our years of architectural experience in this arena. One example is our recent roof restoration on the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, AL. This is yet another project where Midland received recognition for outstanding workmanship in steep slope roofing.

To view other Midland’s Religious Roofing Projects select from the galleries below:


Midland excels at installing, repairing and maintaining industrial flat roofing systems while utilizing EPDM, TPO and PVC materials, all of which are offered in white. If you are a building owner looking to cut energy costs, reduce potential leaks; or require a roofing material that will last for an extended period of time, reducing potential leaks, you may very well want to consider metal roofing. Midland offers Metal Roofs in a vast variety of colors and material options… these roofs typically outlast more traditional forms of industrial roofing.

To view some of Midland’s Industrial Roofing Projects select from the galleries below:


Midland has an extensive Educational Roofing Portfolio. Each of our educational roofing projects encompasses one of a variety of roofing systems we specializes in. We have worked with a number of educational institutions ranging from grade schools and high schools to major colleges and universities, so once again our experience and credentials are vast. The fact is, our educational roofing capabilities are unequaled when it comes to producing a quality roof. From Indiana to Illinois… and all across the Midwest, Midland is dedicated to providing quality roofing to America’s Educational Institutions.

See a variety of Midland’s Educational Roofing Projects by selecting from the galleries below: