Residential slate and tile roofing systems have been admired for centuries for their timeless beauty, unrivaled durability, and long service life.  Repair and replacement of these systems, however, is fast becoming a lost art due to the shrinking pool of highly-skilled master craftsmen specifically trained to provide high-quality, long lasting results.

At Midland Engineering, we’ve specialized in slate and tile installation and restoration for nearly 100 years, training generations of slate and tile specialists to support our commercial work on religious, educational, governmental and historical projects of distinction throughout the Midwest and beyond.

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Slate & Tile

The beauty and durability of slate and tile roofing has contributed to its reputation as being among the world’s premiere roofing materials in commercial roofing. Midland crews, made up of trained master roofers, have developed a reputation for excellence in their slate and tile work on churches, historical structures, and government and education buildings. View some of our Slate and Tile Roofing projects in our Slate & Tile Roofing Portfolio.