Midland Engineering has developed substantial recognition for having installed and developed many government roofing systems throughout the United States. From federal courthouses to state or city buildings and courthouses, Midland’s Government Roofing Portfolio offers examples of the types of projects and municipalities we’ve performed work for. Our management team has an in-depth understanding of the bidding and contract management process for government funded projects. We are quite proud to showcase a sprinkling of the many government roofing projects and community facilities we have completed over the years.

To view some of our Governmental Roofing Projects select from the galleries below:

Green/Solar Roofing

Low Slope

Low Slope Roofing  is one of the most commonly specified roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Midland Engineering has applied all types of low slope roofing systems – single-ply, built-up and modified bitumen – to thousands of buildings throughout the Midwest. View some of our Low Slope Roofing projects in our Low Slope Roofing Portfolio.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Roofing is one of the world’s most sought after roofing systems. The wide range of sheet metal roofing materials available ensures that there is a system to meet almost any design or application need. Longevity is the hallmark of sheet metal roofing systems, with lifespans of 50 years or more. View some of our Sheet Metal Roofing projects in our Sheet Metal Roofing Portfolio.

Slate & Tile

The beauty and durability of slate and tile roofing has contributed to its reputation as being among the world’s premiere roofing materials in commercial roofing. Midland crews, made up of trained master roofers, have developed a reputation for excellence in their slate and tile work on churches, historical structures, and government and education buildings. View some of our Slate and Tile Roofing projects in our Slate & Tile Roofing Portfolio.