Our Commercial Roofing History

They were the Roaring ’20’s, those years following the end of World War I. The American economy was booming and South Bend was well established as one of the major industrial centers of the Midwest. It was this environment in the year 1922 that William J. Steinmetz founded Midland Engineering. Mr. Steinmetz’s vision was to provide commercial roofing installation services for the thriving young businesses and institutions in the South Bend area such as Studebaker, Bendix and Notre Dame as well as many others. Steinmetz learned the roofing trade as a salesman for Johns-Manville, a manufacturer of roofing materials. He founded the company with pure determination; he funded the company with his life savings. William’s determination would serve the company well as time passed, through good times and bad; including the years of the Great Depression.

Steinmetz’s vision included a belief that Midland Engineering could serve its customers best by combining the latest material and application technology with a commitment to service and uncompromised craftsmanship. That belief endures yet this day as Midland has grown to over 150 employees and serves major commercial, institutional and industrial customers throughout the Midwest.

Over the decades Midland has been commissioned to install roofing systems for many high-profile projects. These projects include the United Center and Comiskey Park in Chicago, the Bank One tower and Indiana State Office Building in Indianapolis and in Ohio projects like the Columbus Convention Center and the University of Toledo Center for Visual Arts. We have also had the pleasure of doing projects for the University of Notre Dame which include the new football stadium and renovation of the Main Administration Building; as well as several other projects at the famous university.

However it’s not just the high-visibility projects in which Midland Engineering takes the most pride. Some of our best work has been that where problem-solving and rapid response service was vital. These are some of the characteristics that our company has sought to provide its many customers, large and small, locally, regionally and nationally.

Today Midland provides a vast variety of roofing related service to many types of businesses, organizations and institutions. In addition to low slope and traditional commercial roofing applications, Midland also has expertise in a broad spectrum of materials and is known for its restoration and installation of specialty materials such as slate, tile, copper and other sheet metals. Masonry restoration, roof management programs and 24-hour service are also vital aspects of Midland’s overall package.